Puppy Supply List

  1. Food.
    I currently feed Stella & Chewys Beef frozen raw food. It also comes in a freeze dried that does not need refrigeration. Please do not change anything the first couple of weeks that you get your puppy home since it is a high stress time and could result in loose stool. I do occasionally switch the protein source after the first three months with each new bag to reduce allergies later in life.  I believe raw is the most natural choice for dogs. If selecting another brand, please consider a grain free source that does not contain corn, wheat or soy.
  2. Training Treats - my favorite is the Stella & Chewys Meal Mixers. Once they get to be around four months old I like to start to gradually use the Ziwi Peak Lamb & Tripe. It is an air dried raw food and is a great choice for training treats. It can also be fed as a food full time. This can be purchased at some pet stores or ordered from chewy.com
  3. Hip Supplements.
    I recommend Glyco Flex III chewables for at least the first year of life while your puppy is going through rapid growth. I break them in half and feed one daily. Also, the Wholistic Pet Organics Canine Complete plus Joint Mobility is great to sprinkle on their food daily.
  4. I highly recommended some kind of probiotic since puppies tend to want to taste plenty of things on the ground.
  5. Stainless steel or ceramic raised water and food bowl.
  6. Collar with ID tag and leash.
    I like Lupine as they are guaranteed for life when chewed, etc. Boomerang tags fit right onto the collar and do not hang down and jingle.
  7. Crate or kennel.
    You will need a puppy crate if you choose to crate train your puppy. Approximately 22-25” from the floor to the top. They come in metal or plastic. A kennel liner will keep your pup warm and cozy.
  8. Puppy gate or Exercise pen.
    A baby gate works very well. You will want to keep your puppy out of certain areas, at least until housebroken.
  9. Bedding.
    It's a really good idea to get a washable bed or a bed with a washable cover. I also like the Kuranda cots and cover them with a shammy rug such a Soggy Dog which I also use these by the doors on rainy days, in the back of the car after a romp on the beach or just to dry after a bath.
  10. Feces elimination tools
    You may want a “Pooper Scooper “for your yard and plastic bags for your walks.
  11. Kong toys.  They're safe and they can be filled with "goodies" and they bounce in every direction. Great to fill and give to your pup when you need to keep them happily occupied.
  12. Comb and or a brush.
    I use combs, a large metal and dematting comb. I also use a slicker brush, Le Pooch is my favorite. Lots of grooming tools can be found on the following site.  www.PetEdge.com.
  13. Shampoo.
    My favorite shampoos are Earth Bath brand. I buy several different kinds but always have one just for puppies, made for washing the face without stinging the eyes. Also, LOVE RenuPlex Extra Strength Medicated Healing Shampoo. This is all essential oils but works for everything.
  14. Ear Cleaner
    Labradoodles have ears which flop down with hair inside so when water gets in the ear from swimming, bathing etc. an ear cleaner/dryer should be used. My favorite is T-8 but the main ingredient is ketoconazole if found in other brands and can be ordered from Amazon.
  15. Poochie bells if you decide to try to train your pup to ring the bell to go potty.  (PoochieBells House Training Doggie Doorbell) Also, a simple concierge bell works too.
  16. Anti-chewing spray. I use Bitter Apple which can be purchased online or in most pet stores.
  17. Natures miracle is an enzyme cleaner to eliminate any smell for the accidents that will happen........
  18. Dog tooth brush and paste or wipes. It's good to accustom your puppy at a young age starting with baby teeth.
  19. I prefer Bully Sticks, Whimzees or Himalayan Yak Chews since your puppy will be cutting teeth and need something to chew. Please refrain from anything with rawhide or that is imported from China.